Set yes/no parameter from Null to No

This might be a Revit limitation, but I’ve noticed an issue with the Element Parameters node and setting parameters to No.

Yes/no parameters actually have 3 possibilities - yes, no, null. Once the parameter is created, the checkbox is grey - the default null value. Via the UI, you first need to set it to yes, before you can set it to no.


In RIR, is there a way to set the value from Null to No directly? The only way I have found is to first set everything to Yes and then in series, set it back to No.

Are those parameter shared parameters?

Currently before setting a value we check if the parameter already has that value, in order to not modify an element when is not necessary.

I guess Revit is reporting those null as false and RiR wrongly decides not to update the value. Probably we should check if the param has a value before.

Thanks for reporting.

They are shared parameters. Revit should be reporting Null, not False.

When a shared parameter is null it returns the default value, false in this case, if you query the value of that parameter.

But there is a property HasValue that allows to differentiate nulls from default vales. I will query this property as well.

It’s fixed on ‘Daily Channel’ now.