Set display color of GH geometry?

Is it possible to choose what display color GH geometry gets after baking?
I’d like to introduce a color code for some GH timber structure.
Best regards

hi Eugen, when hitting Bake you should have the Attribute Manage popping up, similar to the picture below (mac version) which allows you to use it by layer or as defined manually. do you get the attributes?

on mac it keeps resetting maybe you have more luck, otherwise if you want to maintain the color you can set the layer 01 to the color you want and save it as a rhino template. grasshopper seems to choose layer 01 by default.


other than that you can always change the color in rhino itself, or am i misunderstanding this?

Thanks, I see!

Actually, I need to know something more specific (did not ask precisely enough):
Is it possible to somehow parametrically generate a ‘Display Color’ attribute in the GH network per object (surfaces, curves, …), and have these colors translated to the Rhino scene after baking?

Does not look like it, right? Because then, the baking dialog would need a third option for the ‘Color’ parameter:

  • Color per color chooser
  • Color per Layer
  • Color per Grasshopper attribute


Hi Eugen,

I strongly recommend installing Elefront plugin.

I started using it because Elefronts enables Grasshopper to work with blocks AND it also allows you to bake using layers, colors, names, …


Perfect, thanks a lot, Jonish!!