Sequentual Curve closest point

Hello Everyone, I’m stuck on something and I’m hoping someone can help.
I have set of open curves in a row vertically . We can call these Crv1 to Crv4. Each curve is divided using divide curve.
I’m trying to have each point from one curve look for the the closest point one curve down. So the points from Crv 2 should look for the closest points in Crv1 and so on.
So far I’ve gotten this to function for two curves at a time using shift item but I want this for all of the curves referenced at once. Any help is appreciated. (7.9 KB)

Like this? (9.4 KB)

Not exactly I’m afraid. It looks correct but the points produced by divide curve on one curve (Crv2) are looking for the closest points (also produced by divide curve) on another curve (Crv1).

But what I’m looking for is for Crv2 to be divided and for those points to look for the (unique) closest points on Crv1 using something like “curve closest point”.

Thanks for the help so far

Unique points and closest points are not the same things. How about clarifying your thoughts first before asking a question?

I hope this clarifies it. So far I’m only able to do this for two curves at a time. But I would like it for the entire set of curves.

! (10.4 KB)

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That’s it! Thank you kindly @HS_Kim