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Hey All,

I’m trying to solve what should be a relatively easy problem - I feel like I’m missing something obvious.

I need to take the end points of each curve, and find the closest point on the nearest curve relative to each point, excluding the curve the the end points reside on (in order to close the geometry for a curveboolean operation).
The CurveClosestPoint node takes into account the curve that the end points exist on, and therefore are not able to find the second closest curve (and the parameter closest to each adjacent end point).

I’ve shared the files here - it takes about 30 seconds to run (which I know should not be the case).

Curve Second Closest (50.7 KB)
test curve boolean.3dm (2.0 MB)

Any help is appreciated!

How about this?

I have simplified the test area to avoid long computation time.

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Amazing, that did it! Thank you, Piotr