Separate random walkers problem

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to generate multiple random walkers with trace (separate polylines) who starts from the same point but going separate random directions, with grasshopper python script?


use class and set up agents

import random as rnd
from Rhino.Geometry import Point3d as Point
class Walker():
    self.vertices = []
    def __init___(self,position = Point(0,0,0)):
        self.position = position
    def Walk(self,delta):
        self.position += self.GetDelta()
    def GetDelta(self):
        x,y,z = rnd.random(),rnd.random(),rnd.random()
        return Point(x,y,z)

of course you’ll need to tailor the random() calls to your need, and set up your loop to run the Walk()

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