SendToBack, BringToFront don't work

In short, these commands don’t seem to work in Layouts. Doesn’t work in the Viewport display or a print of the Layout. Will try in the Mac version …

Hi Francois - this seems correct here - can you post a simple example?


This is as much as I can simplify the Rhino file.

Contours are from a Civil 3D model (via AutoCAD). Everything else was created in Rhino 7.forPascal_SendToBack.3dm (12.5 MB)

Hi Francois - I am not sure if I am looking for the right thing here but

The red curves are ‘BringToFronts’, the cyan curve is ‘SendToBack’ as is the text.
Am I looking at tthe right things?


Thanks Pascal.

That doesn’t look like a print of the S1a Layout.

All items on layer fmPCI and its sublayers C-TOPO-MAJR and C-TOPO-MINR are “SendToBack.”

All visible items on layer Alignment and its sublayers (except the 3 white surfaces) are “BringToFront.”

What I’m trying to do is “white out” the contour lines at the structure. I even tried placing the “whiteout” surfaces their own layer, then re-ordering layers such that the Whiteout layer is between the top layer Alignment::Catenary and the bottom layer fmPCI with its sublayers.

Hi Fancois - Ah, OK - rendered mode is not playing along with draw order- I’d shifted to Shaded, which, here at least, looks correct. SendToBack is broken for rendered as far as I can see.
Thanks for the report.
RH-66041 DrawOrder: SendToBack ignored in rendered mode


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for confirming. Using Shaded mode instead of Rendered is an OK workaround in this case.

Unfortunately, I now see another problem – the 3 surfaces I use to hide the contour lines below print a medium gray instead of white as specified for the layer in both model space and Layout space AND as specified for those 3 surfaces.

Regards, Frank