SendToBack bug, it ignores the draw order of the selected objects

I have seen this a few times, if I select two hatches that are in the order I want and try to SendToBack their internal draw order swaps, so I have to select the ones I want furterst back and SendtToBack again.
Hope that makes sense…

In other words: I want what I select and SendToBack to keep their internal draworder relation intact.
Hope that makes sense… too…

Hi Jorgen - SendBackward may make more sense here (have not tested). I suppose SendToBack, currently, simply runs through the selected object list and sends each to the back in turn. I imagine it could juggle the list according to the draw order numbers too, I’ll ask.


Holo, I really appreciate your persistence in taking McNeel to town for how difficult it is to manage hatches, layouts, and all other aspects of layered technical drawings for printing in Rhino.
It seems every topic I search for on this, you’ve made several threads about it.
It’s really abysmal that there is no consistency.
But hey, at least we have gradient hatches now. >_>

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