Semplici bricchi in due versioni abbastanza simili


It is a nice work!

But I see something that may troubles the user practically. There is a gap in the back of the glass in the handle that its height is lower than the gap of the outlet. So, the level of the liquid should be lower than the gap of the handle, and if not, it will be flowed out from the handle before the outlet.

Also, you have used the excellent fabrics background with high resolution. May you share the textures here that I can save them?

Thank you

Hi, you are actually right about the crack, this is not my creation but a work copied as an exercise without considering the technical issue.
A work in my spare time…
Plots how can I send them to you?

Blue weft directly Keyshot 10-11
Green plot I try to send screenshot+biitmap and texture

Result of a bizarre experiment in keyshot
The green texture is a jpg downloaded from the internet the textures can be found in keyshot

So you created the scenes and both the tablecloths in keyshot?


Hi, Anghelos

So, I think I should go to keyshot and see what it is. After your explanations, I study a little about the keyshot render engine. As far as I understood; it is an independent rendering software and doesn’t need a powerful CPU or GPU, but I have never worked with it.

Sadly, three weeks ago, I lost some components of my system, one after another. First HDD, then Monitor, then motherboard, and last night my modem!! It seems weird, but it is a fact.

From the first days, I borrowed an old laptop from one of my friends (he has two) to connect to the internet. I couldn’t install some software I needed, including Rhino, because I have to give back the laptop to him in the near future, and am using my phone instead of the modem. I delivered my computer to a repair workshop and am waiting to see whether the motherboard is recoverable or not.
However, I’m in trouble now and can not do any work.

Thank you very much

Sorry about all this, maybe you could build a new pc, it’s not difficult. I have been using an iMac now for many years, but in the past I have built computers for my son and many friends.
With keyshot you can do nice things with ease it is a great software.
Good luck

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Many thanks for your sympathy and recommendation :slight_smile:

I should wait to see what can I do.

Well… That’s not exactly true. In fact, I’d go as far as to say the exact opposite. It’s true that Keyshot can use either your CPU or your GPU, but if you plan on getting decent renders and not letting your PC cook for hours on end, a pretty beefy multicore CPU or a graphics card with lots of CUDA cores is a good idea. Rendering things like glass, gems, translucent and displaced materials will have your render times skyrocket.
HTH, Jakob

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Hello, senior

I installed keyshot and encountered what you pointed out now.

I have an AMD three-core CPU and a Gforce 440 that both are weak for fast rendering, whether in Rhino or keyshot. I also have an old ESC motherboard that cannot tolerate heavy applications.

Now, rendering glass and gem in keyshot takes long, though a little lesser than Rhino.

Thank you for the notification :slight_smile:

lovely images, I’d love to see some DOF on the scene to keep the ground plane from being clearly focused to the horizon. DOF is an often overlooked aspect in CGI work that serves the purpose of pointing the viewers gaze to where you want it to go.

Hi kyle,
right your observation, with a little bit of setting it would certainly be different.
If you want to visit my site that tends to have an industrial line, with not too demanding renderings.
Good things

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wonderful designs!