Semi Lagrangian equation


(Amir Habibi) #1

Hi all , i was to enter a semi lagrangian equation in grasshopper , is it possible with scripting or within grasshopper at all ? Capture

(Laurent Delrieu) #2

There is no formal equation solver in grasshopper. It is not matlab or mathematica or mapple. So you will have to use a script. And here you can do almost whatever you want.
See reaction diffusion example on old grasshopper forum.

(Amir Habibi) #3

Thanks laurent , i did checked it out , I did the partials and gradient calculation in the expression component piece by piece

(Laurent Delrieu) #4

It is most effective to do calculation in a VB/C# component and to add parallel calculations. Expression component is enough if you have no speed problem.

(Amir Habibi) #5

I think i will have speed limits due to my long definition :slight_smile: , for sure scripting will be required .