Plugin for diffusion simulation?

Are there any Grasshopper scripts or plugins that can simulate diffusion? I’m hoping to model the moisture movement in a ceramic when drying.

If it’s about reaction diffusion

Check it out:


I don’t believe I mean reaction diffusion—more like something that can simulate the drying process in a porous material.

Reaction diffusion is an algorithm where 2 “substances” mixed together “react” by some logic/variables and progressively increase and decrease in amount. (birth/death dules, like in “Game of Life”)

You can use Laurent code and change the formulas to have only the effect of “dying” cells progressively.

If you don’t find a plugin, that could be a start.

The diffusion equation requires the Laplacian, which is an extremely useful item to be able to simulate. It’s too bad there are no plugins able to calculate the discrete Laplacian of a mesh that I’m aware of. Kangaroo has a Laplacian component but I don’t think it can be applied like this. Maybe I’m wrong.

Mathematician Keenan Crane has come up with a number of remarkable, and beautiful results based upon the discrete Laplacian.