Reaction Diffusion Python Script


There is a really nice tutorial in processing about reaction diffusion and I am trying to replicate it in grasshopper using python.

The original script can be found here on processing or javascript.

I have reached a point where I cannot identify what is going wrong with the code. I am not getting the expected results. I have been through every line multiple times but I am not able to find whats wrong.

Any help would be appreciated! (13.3 KB) (13.3 KB)

You put a multiplication instead of addtion

Good exercice but super long.
You could also look here

Or a very fast

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Haha I cant believe it! I checked like 3 times and I didn’t spot it! Thank you so much for pointing it out and for all the extra information you provided!

The most simple errors are sometimes the harder to find. Don’t whorry I know what is it. I spend some hours traking a bug right this morning !! I found it bt it was hard.