SelPolyline - should it be "strict"?

In the attached file, SelPolyline selects the curve. The curve is actually a polycurve, composed of 9 joined polyline segments (each with a lot of sub-segments). The question here is should SelPolyline select the curve in this case? It is technically not a polyline, although it can be simplified into one…

For me this is a subtle but important distinction, I want to know when a curve is real polyline or not, and thus I favor a strict interpretation - i.e. I would prefer if it didn’t select in this case… What do you (all) think?


SelPolyline2.3dm (81.6 KB)

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Hmm, yeah, I don’t know… it seems to me, for general users, like it would not be doing them any favors not to select this curve as a polyline.