IsPolyCurve(), IsPolyline() vs. IsCurve() behavior

@stevebaer @Alain

IsPolyCurve() and IsPolyline() use rhutil.coercecurve(object_id, raise_if_missing=True) but IsCurve(object_id, raise_if_missing=False). This seems odd to me or is there a reason? In my opinion none of them should raise.

I changed it in a fork. Let me know if I should make a PR. Thanks!

You have a point if this was recently written code, or your own application. I’m not the maintainer of rhinoscriptsyntax and I can’t speak for McNeel. But my two pence is: in a commercial code base, for a product that was long since shipped, one that many different plug-ins and many users’ code already relies on, a nicety does not merit a breaking change.

True that, fully agreed. A breaking change like this is critical. That said, there are similar breaking changes happening from time to time in Rhino :wink:

Thanks for adding the Github links

We try to avoid breaking changes.
Please let us know if you find some.

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