SelName (and a wish for V6?)

Is it possible to have the list brought up by SelName permanently displayed? It would make a simple way of picking parts in complex assemblies if it was dockable alongside Properties. Perhaps one for V6?

As a development of this, it would be nice to be able to nest component names in the SelName list. Currently, if I select a collection of differently-name parts, group them and then name it in Properties, all the ‘old’ names are blown away.

Or should I be using blocks to achieve this kind of thing?


+1 on this…

If the Selname window is dock-able, that would be perfect!


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You could use SetGroupName for naming groups. The name of the object is retained, so you can you either SelName or SelGroup to recall objects or groups.

I agree, a docked list of objectnames and groupnames would be super!


I put something together pretty fast.
Check it out:

SelNamePanel.rhp (382.5 KB)

Drag and drop too use. and right mouse button on it and properties too unblock…

there is one command:

You can toggle it there. Play around with it and give your feedback if you want :smile:
If loading takes to long you can always delete it :smile:



Thanks @jordy1989 . Will be useful tool for me too. Michael VS

Thanks Jordy. That’s a good start. I’ll try it out! :smiley:

Edit: It worked ok when I first loaded it, but now Rhino won’t load models with a moderate (40+) number of named objects. CPU load goes up and I get stuck on the start screen. An empty instance of Rhino starts without a problem.

Hi @jordy1989, same experience as @MattE here. Empty file with a few test objects ok, but if I open up a work file with many(100+) named objects then CPU just flatlines. I tried leaving it to run for a while but after 5min it was still busy so I had to close Rhino. Michael VS

Hi @mvyess and @MattE

I’ve got a new version:
SelNamePanel.rhp (383 KB)

i’ve checked with 1000 objects :smile:
There is a command SelNamePanelCreateObj there you can tell how many objects it should create with exclusive names :stuck_out_tongue:

It insta loads now :slight_smile:

Nice plugin, simple but important panel!!

A few questions:
-With SelName the list is sorted from A-Z, in the panel it is not. Can you add some sorting functions?
-The clear selection option deselect all names in the list, but does not deselect the selected parts
-Is it possible to add the Shift select function to select a large number of objects and maybe CTRL to select two lists apart from each other (same as selecting files in the Windows Explorer)

Regards, Thomas

with: -The clear selection option deselect all names in the list, but does not deselect the selected parts
do you mean to deselect all objects in the view?



@stevebaer How can i get control of “doc” in a panel?


Does nothing when I click in the listbox, because, I think, it loses focus of the doc…?

Do have a workaround that I run a rhinocommand that tells the right doc to a variable.


Check if this is what you mean:
SelNamePanel.rhp (383.5 KB)

nice! thank you.



Haha I can´t help it… but my enthusiasm brings more cool ideas:
-it would be cool to add the functionality to edit the name
-maybe possible to create the same panel for groupnames?
-and a searchbar in top of the list, like the command line of rhino when you enter one letter and it shows all commands starting with that letter

It is already a super panel, but I just start popping ideas :slight_smile:

@thomas84 lol,

oke question. Edit Names is hard because do you want to rename all the selected objects? If you select 10 items in the list. Do you want to rename all the 10 items? :smile:

y. Groupnames almost works the same. Should it combine with the name list of a new panel?

hmm searchbar… so an auto-possibility thing. and a button next to it for select? Or just Enter key? :smile:

You are the bomb! :smile:

Yes that would be awesome

A new panel would be more organized I suppose

I am a keyboard person, so enter would be enough :smile:

I will try the new version. I’ll add my requests to the pile:

Groupnames would be a very nice addition. Can you leave them in the same list as the other names, but colour key them?

The same applies to Block names. It would be great to have those included.

A search bar would be a luxury item for me. If you have several hundred items in the current (Rhino) implementation of SelName, scrolling down the list every time does become tedious though, so in that respect, search would be good. Kind of "Type ‘T’ in the search bar and the list scrolls to the start of the ‘T’s’.

Always having Names sorted alphabetically , with ‘number’ names first, then alphabet names (i.e. 1, 2, 3…A, B, C…) in the list would be my preference. I think that’s how SelName currently does it.

It looks as though the ‘wishes’ add complexity to this very quickly!


So for groups and blocks combined in the same list but coloured… I think sometimes you get a large list and its harder to seperate what is what ^^.


I agree to that, separating the objectlist and grouplist is more organized!