Sellike type command

Hi Forum, is there a way to select multiple objects by selecting one, then type sellike(wish) and Rhino finds all simmular objects?
I suppose with better planning it can be done with layers, but anyway, just a question. Thanks,Mark

As @pascal noted back in '14, this discussion has been going on ‘since forever’.
Apparently @dalelear had some ideas about solving this but ‘someone’ needs to start typing on this.

What would constitute “similar” to you?

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Hi Wim, thanks for writing back. Simular to me means " like objects". What I would use it for is by selecting an object. This selected object searches for all objects simular to itself. But now that I think about it, it is probably just poor modeling habits.
Perhaps just ignore this subject. Thanks ,Mark

Hi Mark - I think it’s perfectly legitimate to want to identify objects that are similar - step one is coming up with useful rules though, and that can be messy if it is other than a strict duplicate in the database , quite apart from implementing the search. What did you have in mind, exactly?


Hi Pascal, an example is this. Like I mentioned maybe just poor planning, but for example. I was putting plywood on a floor in rhino. Without realizing I hadn’t started on a fresh layer(using whatever was active) I began to duplicate all theae 4’x8’ objects. After that I wanted to do some moving of these objects. I had to select them with underlying objects (which creates its own challenges) involved in the selection process. That is when it would be good to select the one object and like a hunting dog it goes and finds all that look like it.
After thinking about my request , I thought about all the good requests such as ; well I am sure you all know them.
I’ve been using the WIP a bit more and like what you all have done. I am grateful to be using it. Thanks,Mark
(all typed on an iphone) uggg!

Hi Mark - for exact duplicates, there is SelDup - it sounds like maybe that would do it in this case, or did you move some of the objects?


I will give that a try _SelDup.
No, I didn’t move them as I recall. Would SelDup not work in that case? Again thanks, Mark