Self-intersecting curves. Find and fix?

I was trying to revolve a curve for a turned newel post. The revolve command gave me a “self intersection curve” warning? I exploded the curve into its 47 segments joined re-joined, etc., till i found the problem. There must be an easier way to find there errors? I looked up and found old test commands that are no longer recognized. Does this mean they are just gone, or turned into actual rhino commands?

Hello- IntersectSelf is not perfect but will find these a lot of the time. If your curve has 47 segments, there is a good chance it can be made more simply.


a “hack” is to close the curve then run curve boolean (in this case 2x) … this will clip out all the bad bits and leave you with a curve that should have no self intersections-

now… is this curve awesome? no. should it be rebuilt? very likely yes.

does it have any self intersections?



Gracias amigos.