Selection Problem (Bug?)

Hi @fsalla,

To produce this,

Step 1: Click one door
Step 2: Click any other door

The result shown in the image.

This problem also occurs when I use other architectural elements.

ARQ version : Newest WIP


@ARCHHOLIC, I can’t reproduce this error, unfortunately. Please run the vaAbout command and attach the screenshot so I can see exactly which VA version you are you running.
Does this issue happen everytime you run VisualARQ? for all documents?

I tested this with different version (1.9+ and 2.0), WIN 10 behaves normal.
Not a big issue if it’s not the software problem.

I faced the same problem. It seems to be somehow connected with Windows 7 visual effects. I found two solutions:

A. Go to: Control Panel / System / Advanced system settings / Visual Effects,
under Custom: uncheck the box “Enable desktop composition”, and the problem seems to be gone;


B. Simply switching to “Windows 7 Basic” or “Windows Classic” theme also solves the problem.