Selection of MOVE OBJECT to ANOTHER OBJECT and display question

Ok, I may have missed something or not found it in a search because I do not believe I may be asking for a feature that somehow does not yet exist.

If I move a complex object [lots of curves or an odd shape all by itself] or even a simple object that is as large as the part it is being moved “against” I can not sometimes “see through” the object in order to pick the move to point CLEARLY. Sometimes, if I do not hide or lock other objects and I am in ghosted view in order to place the part let’s say from-mid-to-mid, the other “lines and curves ans stuff” get in the way.

So, is there any option to select the object to move, and where to move it from, and then NOT move it before picking the move to coordinate. Like, I pick the block to move at it’s midpoint along it’s base, then go to the object to move it against - pick the mid point on it to move to [cause I can see it] then say “move”?

I think this should be clear enough to understand without screen shots, but if asked will be happy to provide them.

Thanks all.

So basically you would like an option for the move command that does not display a dynamic preview?
I couldn’t find a setting for this it could be scripted but maybe there is an easier solution

Yes, that is what I would like Lando. And the script link provided by geemix might find some use.

I still would like the option [right click instead of left click maybe - like other commands - that allows for the simple preview off till the destination is selected. I think everyone may end up liking such a command.

Thanks for the help.