Selection Macros & Automation

Hey all!

I I’ve been creating some pretty useful and complex macros for the first time recently. Can’t believe I ever got by without these before.

My situation is basically that I would like to create more sophisticated macros. My question is; are there more sophisticated methods of selection besides what is on the Mcneel site? Such as maybe dictating to select or deselect all items within a specific 3-dimensional area? Or deselecting the lower 50% of the last input or selected item? Or is this too advanced for the Macro editor, and I should be looking at scripting? I’m trying to stave off learning scripting until I have time to learn python.

Thanks everyone!

Hi Jonathan, welcome to the discourse forum!

You indeed want to start scripting as that is so much more powerful than creating macros.

Just use python scripting in Rhino to learn python instead.
Start with the rhinopython primer-101 and if you are stuck just ask for help here at Discourse.

In addition, or as an alternative you can also explore what Grasshopper has to offer.


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Thanks so much! I’ll look into this since we’re all in quarantine haha. I appreciate your help!