Prompt User From Macro

I’ve got a long macro that needs the user to make multiple selects. So I don’t get lost on which group of objects need to be selected for this section of the macro, is there a way to display a prompt in the command line?

For example:

Prompt “Select Metal”
Prompt “Select Stones”

Hmmm - no, you need to use scripting for that type of control. If your macros are getting that complex, you probably want a script anyway.


It’s for someone that doesn’t do scripting. I’m setting up a lengthy macro for him to customize because he is proficient with Rhino commands.

Poor chap is running the same 5 or 6 commands a few thousand times per day rendering his product catalog. I’m showing him how to place objects on layers and then use -_SelLayer to do the rest of the stuff like set render materials, boolean one group from another, etc.

And there is a bug in the Macro Editor…Undo doesn’t work…holy crap batman I just lost an hours work…

I wanted to stop the macro to fix a parameter, so I mistakenly thought the ‘X’ next to the play button was a stop button. Surprise! It’s a clear all button and Undo will not undo clicking the ‘X’.