Selection filter

Is there a selection filter available for the mac R6 beta? I can´t find it.


No, it is not yet available.

RH-36532 Selection Filter support needed.

Thanks Dan,
is it something what is likely to be in final release or is is out of the table right now?

Hi @petumatr I suspect Selection Filters will be in Rhino 7 for Mac as they are critical to SubD workflows. We are “feature-complete” for Rhino 6 for Mac and I would hesitate to delay shipping.

Not sure if this has been addressed elsewhere…
In the Selection Filter Panel, once one of the two bottom buttons is pressed, it stays on and won’t switch off.

Also there is no icon for this panel yet.

thanks a lot

Yeah, you noticed we added Selection Filters (thank @Trav!) …I can’t reproduce the behavior you are seeing in the RhinoWIP we’ll be publishing soon, so I think you’ve just discovered some buggy behavior that is now gone. Let us know if the bug shows up in the soon-to-be-published RhinoWIP.

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They are still a very big WIP for the Mac, but they are much better in this weeks WIP. I fixed the behavior above a few days ago. Still some reset behavior to iron out when the panel gets hidden or closed but you should see them working to a much larger degree this week.

The new fixes work well, thanks!

  1. What I noticed is that the SubD button allow for SubD selection when it is off [made a mistake please this regard this one]
  2. Also the new [separate from the panel] Sub-subD section filters tool palette does not seems to filter the SubD selection at the moment…

thanks a lot

Hi Akash - I’m probably missing a lot here…

  1. I don’t see a SubD button in that panel
  2. Could you explain in more detail?


Sorry Wim I made a mistake here with that previous post.
Please disregard #1. [merging the D from the disable button with the Sub from the Sub-Object button]

with thanks Akash