Selection edges or faces . Single Unselection Does not work with ctrl

Single deselection does not work with ctrl
How to deselect some faces or one edge?


control shift click on them a second time for single deselection.

group deselection, on the other hand, I can’t figure out.

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Thanks Max.
Is it possible to remove the selection with frame from right to left and left to right? as it usually for nurbs

Frames don’t seem to work on subobjects on subD for deselection of any kind.

Before thinking about complex commands, we should start from the basics, drawing inspiration, for example, from Tsplines, born a little before Rhino’s SubD.
Couldn’t a vertex, edges and faces selector be implemented?
Always use the keyboard to select one of these modes … and if the keyboard should fail or the batteries run out?
It is important to be able to model easily and casually, without having to press multiple keys at the same time, or similar things…


You can use SelectionFilter now with sub-object filtering. This will allow fence selection and deselection using ctrl. I’ve also filed RH-54247 to see if we can automate the filtering into new commands to make these selection modes easier to enter and exit. I’ll add your vote there, thanks!


please add my vote on this too Brian.

And please consider 1-key shortcuts for all these sub-object types. Like I explained here: Wish SubD edge selection enhancement - #13 by gustojunk


1-key shortcuts would be great since you switch between modes all the time. as an FYI,

T-Splines used A/S/D for Vertices/Edges/Faces
Modo and Blender use 1/2/3 for Vertices/Edges/Faces


Done, thanks for the added input!


Any default would work. And we should have an option to change it.


RH-54247 is fixed in the latest WIP