Deselecting subcomponent on same object

it think this has been discussed here before:

when I box select multiple subcomponents with alt+shift+ctrl, I can box deselect them again using ctrl+alt. But it won’t work for seperate subcomponents of the same object, it will always deselect all of them.

I also see some other strange behavior when selecting+deselecting edges without box.
eg when I select coincident edges and want to click-deselct, since there is no explicit deselection mode, I still get asked which edge I want to pick or add another object to selection which might be close by.
might it be a good idea to use alt+crtl+shift to single-click deselect only?
right now it appears to be unused


Hi Daniel - Shift-Ctrl clicking should toggle the subobject selection - If you have Ctrl Shift - windowed on a part of a brep, that selection may include multiple edges and faces so Ctrl-Shift clicking on an edge to deselect may take some wading through the selection menu, as things are now, but as far as I can see it does work.


In deed it does work, but imho in a suboptimal way.
one often gets in situation where deselection is tedious.