How to get objects by layout


What’s the easiest way to select all objects that are on a specific layout space.

In my case there is a rhino file with 10 different layouts.

I’m trying to alter a text element that lies on a specific page.

How would i do that with rhino common


Hi Martin,

below is an example with file. It selects the Text with content “Text to edit” on Page 2 in the example file. it also shows how to detect Detail views on a specific page. Do detect a specific Detail view, it is good to name it.

import Rhino, scriptcontext
def DoSomething():
    pv = scriptcontext.doc.Views.GetPageViews()
    if pv.Count == 0: return None
    d = dict()
    for page in pv: d[page.ActiveViewportID] = page.PageName
    for obj in scriptcontext.doc.Objects:
            if obj.Attributes.Space == Rhino.DocObjects.ActiveSpace.PageSpace:
                    page_name = d[obj.Attributes.ViewportId]
                    if isinstance(obj.Geometry, Rhino.Geometry.DetailView):
                        print "DetailView:", obj.Name
                        print "PageName:", page_name
                        print "ObjectType:", obj.Geometry.ObjectType
                        print "PageName:", page_name
                        t = Rhino.DocObjects.ObjectType.Annotation
                        if obj.Geometry.ObjectType == t:
                            if page_name == "Page 2": 
                                if obj.Geometry.Text == "Text to edit":
                    print ""

TestFile.3dm (134.8 KB)


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