Selecting specific brep faces

I have a number of breps made from extruding surfaces. Now I would like to select only the lateral / side-surfaces, without the upper and lower surfaces. How can I achieve this? Or is there another possibility, for example to extrude only the curves instead of the surface?

Select specific (18.1 KB)

Select specific (15.9 KB)

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Thanks, but the breps on the side should also be like the breps at the top (the blue area in the photo).

There I also need the lateral Faces. How does that work?

It’s your art project, make it so. Perhaps I was too aggressive rounding off the DProd (Dot Product) output?

The faces from the breps in the orange area should be like the breps in the blue area. There you deleted the large bottom and cover faces.

Sorry, I don’t understand your images and objectives. This is a variation of the first try:

Select specific (16.6 KB)


On the sides the red faces should be deleted.

The Breps should look like this everywhere.
Screenshot 2024-01-09 232228

So… what are the criteria for culling additional faces? Maybe this?

Select specific (21.2 KB)

Sorry, I’m not interested in pursuing this further. Good luck.

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Select specific (14.1 KB)

Plugin used Wombatgh


Select specific (22.7 KB)

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Thank you! How can I delete only the faces that are on the wall?

which one ??

The faces of the inside, i have tried to illustrate it in the following pictures :slight_smile:

Remove it

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So trimming the Breps with the wall?

I need the top faces, that i have 5 from 6 faces (the side shapes and the top ones). Can i cap one side?


take the top edges and use boundary surface it should give u the top face covered

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