Selecting individual faces of a brep?

Is there a way to select individual faces of a brep? Let’s say I am making a Grasshopper Player tool where I want the user to just select a face and then Grasshopper works with that. Instead of what is happening here where I select the individual faces with control+shift in Rhino and then Grasshopper interprets that as me wanting to use the whole brep.

See video:

Hi @mpd ,

Maybe take a look at the solutions offered here:


My first attempt since I didn’t find a Subobject selection method.
I don’t like that this first needs a Brep list you work with (Pipeline) and then select faces…

cc @maje90 @Mahdiyar guys any idea how to work directly just with the face selection? :upside_down_face: (12.2 KB)

Thank you both. I will look into these when I am back at the computer tomorrow. Both seems to be in the direction I am looking for.

My question is when you are setting it up like this is it then possible to execute with grasshopper player? In the end I would like the tool I am making to just work through the prompts without grasshopper visible to the user.

Grasshopper Player “Get geometry” lets you pick brep faces as unreferenced surfaces…

I don’t know why I didn’t test that. I think I was too busy testing with the brep component. Thank you for pointing that out.

My problem now is that with “Get geometry” it seems to get the geometry from before the original element was trimmed. There must be a way around that. Will investigate.