Remove 2 faces of rectangle

Any help would be appreciated dear friends.
I’m new in grasshopper and I would like to know how can I remove upper and lower face of a Box rectangle as it could be seen in the attached file. (8.7 KB)

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Unfortunately, I did not find it there. I need something like attached file.This is a Cylinder) . (2.6 KB)

Hi Ali,

there are plenty of solutions for that very or similar tasks on this forum. Here is the first one apperared via Search tab in the upper right corner. :slight_smile:

Dear Jakinta
Thanks for your response. The Link was good but my case is different. I work on surfaces not the Brep.
Best regrads

Not correct. The case is exactly the same. Box is a Brep and what is a Brep than a collection of surfaces?! When you explode a Brep, you will get surfaces and then you can sort them via Z-coordinates…
or you can just extrude rectangle(curve, not a surface) and you will get desired surfaces without any exploding/sorting.

Thank you Jakinta
I try to use it, Please kindly look at the file I really confused and I don’t know what’s wrong?
Best regards (11.9 KB) (9.3 KB)

Daer Jakinta
I’m really appreciate. You have been really helpful.
Best wishes

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