Selecting random sections of concentric circles

Hi everyone.
I want to select random parts of concentric circles in grasshopper as in the first picture.My problems are: first as you can see in the picture the sub curves are not evenly distributed on the perimeter of the circles ( all of them are open on the right side) and second: i could only select one section of each curve, what if I want to make them more randomized and have 3 parts of one curve and 5 parts of another curve for example? (as in the picture) (6.8 KB)

You can either randomly modify the Seam (start/end point) of the circles, as I did, or you could randomly rotate the plane used by Circle (the ‘P’ input). (8.2 KB)

You could also set min and max length of the circle fragments, with a little more work. Like this: (9.3 KB)


simple and smart. thank you so much. But still in this way I would only have one section of each Circle while I am searching for a way to have more than one section of each circle as you can see in the picture.

No, I can’t see that in the picture or in the code you posted. And I missed this part of your post:

You could do this: (12.5 KB)