Selecting mesh elements from preview of another component

Hi all
Let’s say you have component that previews a mesh in viewport , is there a way to select multiple mesh elements like vertices or edges of mesh drawn by this component using mouse window selection or pick a particular edge or vertex from rhino viewport?

Rhino displays whatever GH sends … meaning that if you want to “elaborate” on the display (without baking) you should do it in the other side of the fence: for the mesh case use connectivity and any rule imaginable to sample the item(s) desired.

If on the other hand you want to do things interactively (i.e. manage a variable collection of items where you can add/delete/etc things on the fly [and have some sort of collection/action history on hand as well]) … then you should deal with volatile data and store them as persistent in some parameter accessed by nickname (easy via C#) .

A small example of what I mean: Imagine that you do a “flat” 2d grid of points. Then I take a seat near you and I decide that a particular (i.e. any: either a flat one or some already changed in some previous step) point - picked by index - should have some other Z value … then another etc etc. Meaning that the collection is altered on the fly each time that an index related slider is changed (plus a confirmation for the action) : how you can do that?

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This is a newer version.

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Thank you all for your tips, I managed to implement my sub-element selection components .

Hello Ali Torabi,

I have been wondering for this kind of feature.
Is there a package you have created with this tools or could you share the code?


Hi Bruno
It is part of a plugin I am developing, if I get some time , I will make a separate package and will publish it open source on my website

Hi once more Ali,

Thank you very much for your quick answer.
I look forward to see not only this initiative but also other ones you might have regarding Grasshopper.
Thank you once more.

Hi @torabiarchitect,
Do you have already published somewhere your component for selectable preview geometry in gh?
Thank you