Selecting Brep Edges


I would like to select all the curves that are not facing an additional curve in an offest (I hope it is a good explanation). In other words, I would like to select all the curves that have no curves in the same direction to them on their specific XY plane. I’ve attached a screenshot marking some examples.

I tried to do so by selecting only the curves that rest on XY planes. Afterwards I thought to search for the distance between each curve to all of the curves in the same plane (by sorting them through z value) and then eliminating those with a certain distance.
I have attached my attempt with rhino and gh files, would really appreciate some help!


190716_Pick by Edge.3dm (2.6 MB) 190716_Selecting Brep (8.5 KB)

I assume that you speak some language since you post your thread here. If is C# see the attached:

BrepEdges_ClassQuery_EntryLevel_V1.3dm (210.1 KB) (117.7 KB)

That said I can’t read your file (I don’t use R6) but the classic way to find things is to use a class that samples related information and then do a LINQ/L query. For the demo query included is very simple:

So based on the above, write any query you like (and if required add stuff in the EdgeInfo class).

Hi Peter,

Sorry for the late reply and thanks for this.
It’s a good exercise, I’ll have a go at it.

Thank you!

This is more elaborated.

BrepEdges_ClassQuery_EntryLevel_V1A.3dm (621.6 KB) (126.6 KB)