Problem with extract curves

Hi, I’m trying to extract the curves to unroll and finally send to CNC. But I have dude because I can’t use list Item to extract the curves in the geometry, simply don’t work when I trying to select just the curves, and stay like I gave an explode in the geometry. The pic below can be illustrated.

aprimoramento banco reto.3dm (2.1 MB) aprimoramento banco (13.3 KB)

Are you trying to select all the edges of one of the solid “slices”, and only these? If so you need to get the “E” output of “explode” to get all the edges of all your Breps, then use “Flip matrix” to swap the index places and select only one Brep in the “List item” component.

If not, please explain what curves you are trying to select. The display I get when opening the .gh file does not match your picture.

I hope that I understand your purpose…
I guess you can work on surface instead of brep to have faster calculation process and also extract curves.aprimoramento banco (14.6 KB)

I would also suggest to work over curves, I was thinking of something like this:

aprimoramento banco (13.4 KB)

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Hello, I’m apologize for don’t express me well about would I like. My problem is just to extract all the faces with joints of the geometry. In the pic below, show one brep piece with red edges, but I would Like to extract only the face of this brep piece, then I marked with green only the part that I want, but would be extract not only the face in one brep but in all the geometry, as I marked in yellow four lines, but would be in all geometry. Understand?

Then @Baris’s answer (and probably @erfan.rezaei.azari’s too) looks like what you want, correct?

Yes, thank you everybory!