Select points on mesh/curve


I’m trying to make a script in grasshopper but I am a Rhino/Grasshopper beginner, after searching for days I can’t find any topic on how to solve my problem.

Is it possible to select points on the mesh, mesh edge, or even on a curve that is used to create mesh automatically through grasshopper?

the script I’m trying to make is like this.
I input an open mesh or lines used to create an open mesh, the script then auto collects all points on the mesh so I can bake it like a groop.

Thank you

testsp1.3dm (240.4 KB)

Hi Mario -

I suppose the answer is “yes”, but your question is a bit too vague to know for sure.
There are standard components in Grasshopper that extract the points from meshes or curves.
If these are the points that you want? Who knows?

I have uploaded 3dm file in the original post.

points I’m trying to auto select are manually added to curves using “divide curve by numbers of segments” as marks that will be used as assembly marks.

Basically, I’m trying to auto select pre-defined red points on the edge of the purple mesh, or if that is not possible then points along a blue curve as shown in the picture or 3dm file.

Command “extract points” are not what I’m looking :frowning_face:

Have a look at the attachment. (172.9 KB)

Hi Kim

Thanks for your help but it does not solve my problem. However, it helped me to find out a rhino command _SelBoundary that does basically what I need.

All I need is to make a closed curve and _SelBoundary selects all my points with some garbage but it is still much faster for me than selecting points individually or by using a brushing tool on a project with a large number of meshes.

Best regards