Select only those Surfaces of a (polysurfaced) Brep with a certain direction

Hello all,
I’m trying to make a solar radiation analysis with Ladybug and right now I’m working only with one small cube as my geometry. I would like to analyse either
a) one side at a time - which I made it to work fine with a 6-faced geometry (with Value List and List Item) - or b) after the analysis I can easily tell which face is facing which global direction (NWSE).
For a), it could ease up the load of data that has to be processed, but could be a lot of time wasted when dealing with more complex geometries,
and for b), I could really need some help on this one.
Maybe combine them both, for example by defining which Faces of a Brep are facing in which direction and have the possibility to select only - let’s say - those facing ‘south’ and ‘upward’ and then continue with the analysis having the results separated in corresponding lists or so.
Thanks a lot in advance! (97.7 KB)


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Thank you for your fast reply @Joseph_Oster , I’ll try it out and let you know :slight_smile:

thanks a lot @Joseph_Oster, works like a charm - for now :smiley: