Select Faces according to their orientation

I like to select only the top surfaces in a list of objects. The listing of the index of the surfaces is in different orders… is there a way to select faces according to their orientation? The difficulty is also, that they are all oriented differently… so at the moment, I selected some of the top, but also some of the bottom surfaces.

Thank you!

Your attached .gh file looks nothing like that screenshot.

select (319.5 KB)

yeah :slight_smile:

i was just wondering about the same thing…

but anyway… basically this is what you want to look for.
I can’t think in radians… so I convert to degree

HOWEVER there is some absolutely weird thing going on, if the first sphere is left on initial world 0,0,0

it won’t cull correctly, but IDK why:

move it off 0,0 and things work :thinking:

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select faces (322.6 KB)