Filter surface direction

Hi guys,

Is there a way that you can filter select a surface direction?
eg. (select surface that have same u-direction.)

my goal is to select this surface and flip the direction. so it can be uniform with the others.

so if there is way that you filter this rather than flipping one surface at time would be great.

here is partial photo. that I want to uniform its surface direction.

Thanks Capture

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Can’t do anything with only an image.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

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that’s funny

If your collection is “radial” meaning that you can use a guide curve then the classic approach is to test the DotProduct of a U/V dir vector (at some surf point, say 0.0) VS the tangent in the guide crv (at a point closest to the surf point) and if is < 0 then reverse the Surface in U/V (that said I’m not sure if this is available as component).

In fact I have a very similar thingy but is carried over solely via code. Notify if you think that a similar solution could be helpful to you.

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Hello Sir,
I have a similar problem, all but one surface has a flipped normal.There the closed polysurface , I create is also flipped.How can I make sure normals are in one direction.


Filp Normals (39.5 KB)

Please I have a similar problem, I have posted a screenshot, with the grasshopper file with Internalized data :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:


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THanks :pray: :pray:

Could you help me out with this too?Sort starting point of Brep/curve?