Wish - Flipping Window Select

As y’all know, dragging left will make a crossing-box, while dragging right will do a window box.

Flip directions
But, sometimes (often) you can’t drag to the left, and then it would be helpful if one could flip the functionality by holding SHIFT and drag right ( = crossing-box).

OK, the hidden secret is - hold the ALT key while dragging (prevents from dragging any objects and thus one can start a crossing-box right on top of any object without dislocating it) but it would feel more intuitive to be able to drag in the direction you want to … well, drag.

To or From
Being able to cross drag-select in the other direction is also about precision, which often is best achieved when dragging towards the extent of your desired selection rather than starting at it and dragging away from it (tends to miss at the first click if the target is small)

Keeping the ALT option as is, is of course OK as well.

// Rolf

Try typing “c” and enter first to force a crossing selection box no matter which direction you pull… Typing “w” forces window selection.

– Mitch

Hm, I only get “Catalyst” when I type “C”. Looks weird to me. If I select the C in the cmd-bar drop list, then it starts a crossing-box… < scratching head >

What is “Dimension Catalyst”? Whatever it is, it seems to be still haunting Rhino… :

// Rolf

This must be a Mac Rhino-specific “bug”… works correctly in Win Rhino.

Catalyst is a Stratasys 3D printer driver/software, the command is supposed to load the Rhino model into the printer software, but the function has never really worked correctly even if you did have the Catalyst software installed - and of course makes no sense at all if you don’t. It has been removed from the V6 WIP, thankfully.

On top of that, Catalyst is Windows-only software, so it makes doubly no sense on Mac. I might check your alias list and see if you have the entries

c = '_SelCrossing w = '_SelWindow

If you do, then this is a Mac-side bug that Catalyst command is overriding the alias, which is not supposed to happen, aliases are supposed to have priority.


Hm. I do have the C Alias in place.

Is there any chance that one could disable the loading of the driver? I’ll do a harddisk scan for this text, or even the Registry could have an entry…

Edit: Do I dare delete this key? :innocent:

// Rolf

Wait… you’re on Mac or Windows? For some reason I thought you were on Mac, not paying attention, sorry.

In Windows Rhino V5, you should be able to disable it from here:

It is not present in the WIP.


Ah, yes. I already nuked two entries in the Registry. :slight_smile:

But I exported them first. Thanks anyway for hinting me in the right direction. “C” works flawlessly now.

// Rolf