Select lines in one

Hi, V5
I dont see this in the selection options.
How can one filter a selection to only grab lines in a certain direction ?


Hi Steve- here is a script you can try - Unzip, and drag and drop the rvb file onto an open Rhino- this will add the alias

SelParallel (1.7 KB)

I thought that was REALLY fast scripting!

[but it turns out you wrote it SEVEN years ago] and there it is on your script page.


Cheers Pascal,
I went for drag select and nothing, then click and that worked.

what does TwoPoint do, how does one use TwoPoint ? No CommandHelp with this,.

parallel to axis is useful as well :smile:

How can I use this to drag select a region and have lines within that eg on x axis selected ?


Here’s one for filtering - same process as before, this one adds

FilterParallel (1.8 KB)