Select Grasshopper items in Rhino

Hi all,

I think this is an impossible question but…

In picture there are allot of texts from Grasshopper (which isn’t baked yet).
Is there any way to select one of the texts without baking objects first?
I’m trying to achieve a method where I can remove some specific of them. The points for the texts are random, and also the text itself.

Please brainstorm with me how this could be achieved. If more info is needed don’t hesitate to ask.
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List Item

The title of the post says select in Rhino, you may want to change it.

Hi Rickson,

The list item might be a bit hard. Let’s say there are around 1000 points and I might want to “deselect” some of them.
Then I would have to use a slider to iterate through all the points to get the one I would like to remove from the list. And also that won’t work if I would like to remove more then one text/point.

Thanks for the comment

its not possible. The preview you see, is because Rhino differntiates between display and document. When you add something to a document(as in Grasshopper bake), you can select it. But if you only draw it to the display(as in the Grasshopper preview you are seeing), you can not select it. It is technically impossible.

However, what you could do for example would be, picking a point in the rhino window, get the coordinates and get the text objects that matches the x and y coordinates (and maybe z) of the text object in your list.

Hi Roger,

I know that it’s not possible, but needed kind of a work around. And that’s exactly what you gave me, Thanks!

I needed to see the problem from another point of view.
again, thanks

Impossible is such a strong word. Here’s a model that lets you select/toggle a list of points. What you do with them after that is up to you. :sunglasses: (24.5 KB)

It uses a Data Recorder to keep a list of the value of ‘list idx’ each time the button (blue group) is pressed. If the total number of clicks for any ‘list idx’ value is odd, it is removed.

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There’s a plugin that does this but not sure it would be of some help…


It would be so cool to have “external” UI features like that button on the face of clusters.

This version clusters the guts of my earlier post and is better suited to any geometry, not just points. (21.5 KB)

Getting a good UX (“User Experience”) with custom previews not interfering with each other is hard.

Wow! both of the suggestions solves my problem.
Thanks allot!