Select brep's profile based on distance

Hey, I want to select a polysurface from a list of 13 polysurface based on the distance from an attractor point. The more distant the brep is, the brep which is further up the list should be selected.
These are the 13 profiles.

Till now, I’ve successfully managed to move those 13 profiles in the grid in a random way while maintaining the vertical alignment(for ease of construction).
This is for a facade. I feel that this is way too random and giving it some sort of curve(which we get from attractor points) or any form would be way better.
I have attached the rhino file

Edit: If there’s some kind of “IF ELSE” operator. Maybe I can define IF the distance is between 0-10 then select profile 0, if 10-20 then profile 1…and so on?

Edit3: Nevermind, solved it! :smiley: