SelBrush no longer functions properly during DeleteFace command

The upgrade from v6 to v7 changed DeleteMeshFace to DeleteFace and SelBrush during that function no longer applies a selection from brush strokes. To contrast, ExtractMeshFaces still allows for SelBrush to select mesh triangles as intended. Any input on why we lost SelBrush functionality during DeleteFace?

Hi Nick - that (SelBrush) appears to work here in the latest, at least - inside DeleteFaces

Hmmm. Im on the latest update and its not working on my end.
See attached image. First two panels on the left is using SelBrush during DeleteFace and last two panels on the right is using it during ExtractMeshFaces.

Just making sure - the actual command name is DeleteFaces - Mesh menu > Edit tools > Delete faces - (not DeleteFace) just in case you might have an alias or something.


Correct, I am using DeleteFaces. Rectangular selection box works fine, just not SelBrush.

Figured it out! Looks like DeleteFaces requires that the Point Clouds selection filter be enabled to apply a SelBrush. I only had Meshes selected.
Though oddly enough with ExtractMeshFaces can have selection filter disabled and it still works.

OK - thanks, I’ll have a look - sounds like something is a bit busted…