DeleteMeshFaces : small behavior tweak request


When selecting all faces of a mesh with DeleteMeshFaces command, nothing gets deleted.
Instead would be logical if the whole mesh object was deleted.

Often when cleaning up large mesh models we want to select all faces beyond some boundary and after long time spent selecting them there is a bunch of untouched objects left and not deleted only because all their faces were selected.


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Hi Jarek - Seems reasonable - thanks.

Hi Pascal,

Thanks, I forgot to add, in a simitar workflow the _ExtractMeshFaces has the same problem - if you try extracting all faces nothing gets selected as a result - particularily problematic when making a selection across a lot of mesh objects and the ones that were completely selected are left out from the final extracted result.


=). I thought of that command as well, and decided it did not matter since the result is the same, but I did not consider the selection part of the problem… I’ll add this to the heap, thanks.


Thanks! I created YT item for DeleteMeshFaces before and can’t seem to find a way to delete it since yours is there now and looks more official :wink: Maybe it will get fixed twice as fast then…