Is there a reason SelBoundary doesn’t work with preselections? is this by design?

Hello - It is by design, or at least, the expected behavior - you can click again on the pre-selected curve.


Ah - didn’t realise that. I would always come out of the command and ensure nothing was selected and then run again. thanks Pascal.

I remember when this command was introduced, and I asked the same thing… There was a discussion with @mikko about the reasoning behind this, but it was so long ago, I can’t recall what it was…

I think the reason was making sure the options show regardless what is selected when the command runs. With prepick you would have no way to change the options since no prompt would be shown.

Yeah, it’ a good point. It’s my bad for not realising that I could pick again my already selected curve.

For now I’ve just macro’d SelNone SelBoundary instead.