Sel Layer command selects wrong layer

when I execute the SelLayer command (everywhere where this one is part of another one fe. copy obj to layer etc.) and choose option _Pick, it selects the wrong layer.


Sorry, I’m not following your description.
Please post a small, sample file with instructions to follow to duplicate the error you’re seeing.

Hi John,

1_sellayer command 2_Pick 3_ select green box 4_layer 3 (blue) is selected

sellayer.3dm (2.5 MB)

This works as expected here in our latest (6.21) at least - green box is selected. What version are you running?


aha, ok, I am running 6.19 here. so I will update then :slight_smile: but 6.19 is still the latest proper RC right? Newer are candidates right now…

6.19 is the current released build.
6.20 is the current Service Release Candidate.
6.21 is the in-house development build.

6.19 also works here… does the problem occur for you if you open the file that you posted, in a fresh Rhino? I’m wondering if there is not some state that it gets into that goes away when closed and reopened.


hmm…interesting, I am not able to reproduce it after restarting pc and fresh rhino session.

HI @pascal
Got it! It occurred again now, I think it has something to do with sublayers. It works for layers on the same hierarchy level, but I experience weird results when trying to match sublayers. See the picture! Are you able to reproduce it?


Hi! Again, I am experiencing this odd behaviour when selecting layers by Picking…I am attaching the file I work in with quite elaborate layer system. Check if you can reproduce it! sel_layers (2.7 MB)

  1. run SelLayer command
  2. choose Pick…
  3. select one of a few rectangles
  4. selected layer does not match - wrong one is highlighted (here at least)

will be glad for any input :slight_smile: @wim, @pascal, @dan

Running Version 6 (6.24.20070.23252, 2020-03-10)

I’ll take a look, thanks for the file.
@petumatr - I see the problem here as well.
RH-57913 SelLayer gets the wrong layer


Thanks @pascal!


RH-57913 SelLayer: Selects the wrong layer

should now be fixed in the latest Rhino 6 for Mac Service Release.

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