Segments in a definated size


i want to bring the segments in a size between 500 to 600 mm can someone show me how it works?

Support Anleimer (21.5 KB)

You need to internaliza data which resides on your disk.


// Rolf

Oh sorry i dont need the 3dm import that was a test for me:persevere:

here is the data without the 3dm import can you help me now?

Support Anleimer (28.3 KB)

I’m not 100% sure of if I understood you right, but this is what I got:

Fig 1. I replaced the “Count” divider with a “Divide Length” component instead. The length was calculated nearby (~575.16mm)

Support Anleimer (34.7 KB)

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Thank you very much that was my problem. Can you say if i take the button “move” that i don´t see the thing in the old position?

Sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean. :frowning:

// Rolf

Sorry for my bad conversation, i hope you can understand it now:roll_eyes:

Support Podest (33.4 KB)

You can hide the Grasshopper preview by selecting any components that produces a geometry and then select Disable Preview (the ring-menu pops up by pressing the middle mouse button, or CTRL-SPACE bar on Windows&Rhino6):

Edit: I noticed that you have ALL components in “preview” mode (light-gray color on the capsules). I would suggest that you hide most of them and show ("=preview") only the capsules which are important for you.

Fig 2. All capsules visible, not always what yuo want.

// Rolf

Perfect thank you