MultiPipe specific amount of segments in Gh

Would be nice to be able to specify amount of multipipe segments in Gh, just like in Rhino, and Fatten.

Hi @Buhevo,

At the moment you can set the Segment length, and it will use as many segments of that length as can fit along each strut (so longer struts will get more segments).

There could be an option to instead set the number of segments directly. Iā€™m a bit wary of adding too many inputs and overcomplicating the component though, since I expect a lot of users will want to just plug in some curves and quickly get a result without having to decide on lots of parameters.

Perhaps there needs to be a basic version and an advanced version exposing more inputs. Another possibility could be for the component to output the nodes and struts as separate lists (together with the topology information) - this way it could allow users to fully customise each part.

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This would be awesome! :smiley: