Segments along curve

Hello, I´m struggling with lists and their combination.
My case is that I have a curve which represents alignment of the railroad. I need to orient the profile of a tunnel (or whatever) to this curve in certain length. Basically I need to create segments. I created C#Script for sweeping along curve in roadmode.

In attached file I have six 10 m long segments. I´m able to create solid of each segments manually. But is it possible to do it automatically by correct combination of lists? It means 1st and 2nd profile along 1st part of curve, then 2nd and 3rd profile along 2nd part of curve etc.

Thank you in advance
Segments along (23.6 KB)


You didn’t internalize your geometry.

I edited GH file and attached Rhino File. Thank you for reply

Segments along (20.0 KB)
segments_along_curve.3dm (28.4 KB)

In general, your code looks much more complicated than necessary. You can Loft the sections using the “Straight” loft option?

Segments along curve (16.3 KB)

Unfortunately the result is not the same. In my case I need to connect two profiles along the curve to create smooth solid. According to your idea I will get multiple straight section. Thank you though

So use Loft option “Normal” (the default) instead of “Straight”. And keep it simple!

Segments along curve (14.2 KB)

Geometry is internalized, no need for Rhino file.

Thank you Joseph, your solution is much simpler and it works pretty good.