Seeing a big slow-down in Rhino latest version (7.18.22123.3001)

Ever since updating to this latest version I have noticed Rhino running slower in the model I have been working on for months. The model is not extremely complex, about 130mb, I have worked on models far more complex, and and much bigger with less lagginess from Rhino. Nothing has changed about my computer, and nothing else is running slower.

Just thought I’d put it out there. Panning around in the model, copying things, it’s all very sluggish.


Did you notice this issue after the latest upgrade. Are you running some plugins that are causing issues ?

Can you disable plugins and give it a try.?

I noticed it after updating to 7.18.22123.3001. I do not have any plugins running that I am using currently.


I just compared V7.17 to V7.18 and didn’t witness any problem here. so with no details I can’t reproduce your issue. since you are running release candidate version, you can revert back to service release and let us know if you still have issues.


Switching back to SR17 is a good test and easy to do.
If it helps, that is key information and indicates a Rhino change may be the cause.
If it does not help, that’s key too, and may indicate a problem with your file.