See the settings a .stl file was created with?

Is there a way to see the settings an .stl file was created with , when opened in Rhino?for instance I use these settings now when I convert a .3dm to .stl New%20STL%20Settings%202-11-19%20trial Thank you

Hello - No.



STL is a “brain dead” file format.
No colors, no units (assumed mm), no layers.
It’s just a list of mesh facets.

Draw a 1mm box and export it as STL using the ASCII option, then open it in a text editor and you’ll see.

What I was hoping for is the ability to see the settings used to convert the stl from a 3dm. As “brain dead” as it is, the slightest change in some settings, seems to have a big affect on printed and final cast, at least in Jewelry production. Would have been nice to be able to go back to an older stl file that cast well and learn from the setting used to convert from a .3dm

You need to go back to the original NURBS surfaces in the 3DM to make a better fitting STL.