Security camera on store

Hello all

Please see attached gh file

i´m trying to evaluate where to place a security camera on a store

Galápagos solves the larger área, or the área with a bigger isovist control

Now, i would like to add the minimun amount of cameras in order to view all the store

Since just one camera will allways leave some blind spots

Any ideas?

Mario Vergarasecurity (15.6 KB)

Interesting problem and use of IsoVist. I think they way you have it set up right now is just to find the best spot for a single camera. What you really want is to be able to add several cameras.

I started some work on it, but the problem is the region Union fails sometimes. But it might be a simple way to get there.

security (15.9 KB)

Hey, thanks seltzdesign
i´m testing your aproach…it makes total sense
it runs super slow on my computer though
i´ll see if i´m able to make it work

thanks again

Yes, the Boolean Union is super slow and also fails easily. Maybe there is a better way, but you should be able to get pretty close using that method. Once it works, just leave it running over night.


May be this help, in french but visually easy to understand