Sectional view applying diagonal hatch to cut solids and an angled change in the

I have a circular set of objects and wish to do a sectioned view bending at 90 deg at centre , the result being a ‘cake with a slice missing’ and another a straight section and the result to hatch the cut faces, or an option to paint them red as in museums !
Keeping the objects colours in the process.

The result to be like a museum exhibit. seeing the solid beyond the section.

As an option, can the sectional line take a meandering path through the object to display certain key features ?

see attached item.

Can also the section start within the drum surface area , perhaps not I reckon.

This took some time for this to paste into a new file, it came from my slow file yet why does it bring with it the slowness ?
At 1Mb is that expected for a few objects ?

sectional methods.3dm (946.4 KB)

I thought I had solved it, installed SectionTools from Food4Rhino but cannoet see an L sction option or more.

Surely there has to be a way in Rhino for doing a bent section ?


Sometimes it’s quicker to SaveAs and achieve the desired result on a copy, which also gives control over which objects are displayed.

Or keep the copied objects within the file with (copy the head layer and change its name);


In this case create a solid of the desired shape of the cut using BooleanDifference and
to create the red section cut use;


Thanks Brian,
I ended up doing that and applying different colours to the surfaces to help differentiate what was what.